Challenging viewers to consider empathy through revisitations of mannerism, fauvism, and playful depictions of female forms and various western motifs of power, I’ve worked to create a body of paintings that reflect visions of revolution. My work serves to explore the triumphs, truths, and lamentations relative to the ways in which trauma, settler colonial pathologies, and power impact women and society, exploring understandings of American identity and contemporary “yeehaw” culture along the way. The dream-like, hyper-pigmented scenes and organic forms in my paintings simultaneously mock the machismo of modern American design and aesthetic, and assert the importance of non male-centric stories. I believe in the power of stories that are not written, I believe political action and social change is made possible through the visionary efforts of artists, and (thus)

I believe in the magic of painting.



©2019 by Grace Kennison.