©2019 by Grace Kennison.


As an artist I have become interested in exploring the feminine experience and feminist theory in ways that speak authentically to living and growing as a woman. I have creatively explored feminist discourse parallel to my visual practice and find it fulfilling to work within a feminist consciousness and analyze modern dialect in order to become closer with the world and to more intimately know women’s stories. Aspects of my work reflect material importance that recall traditional women’s craft work in America such as rug-hooking or embroidery techniques, whereas my paintings often challenge artistic histories in which women’s stories have been excluded. My ambition as an artist is to make work with a fortified sense of playfulness that provokes the truth about girlhood, womanhood, and gendered experiences.

As someone who is a visual learner, transforming menacing feminist frameworks into a more tangible and aesthetically approachable works of art helps me engage with and understand them on a deeper creative level. Conceptually, I have dealt with a spectrum of material including Audre Lorde’s work in Sister Outsider including the notion of erotic power, sexualization of young girls and hypersexualization of women, Judith Butler’s notion of gender performance, and the writings of Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks, and other feminist authors. I also refer heavily to both authentic and projected realities from my own life and experience as a woman.